10 Vegan Recipes for the Holidays That Everyone Will Love!

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I’ve put together 10 easy and delicious vegan recipes for the holidays that everyone will enjoy, whether they are vegan or not!  Whether you’re cooking for Christmas, New Years, or any other festivity, the following recipes are sure to be a hit! 

easy vegan holiday recipes

The holidays are coming, are you ready? These 10 plant based holiday recipes will are easy to make, absolutely delicious, and will take the stress out of feeding friends and family. Whether you are looking for vegan recipes for a potluck or to feed yourself, you will find a delicious recipe in this list!

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10 Easy Vegan Holiday Recipes

vegan plant based parmesan roasted cauliflower recipe
Vegan Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower Steaks - Rooty Fruity Vegan

These vegan cauliflower steaks are perfect for a small family dinner. This cauliflower recipe is breaded to perfection with plant based parmesan and panko, making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Even if you aren’t a huge veggie fan, give this recipe a try because it will change your mind! 

If you love plant based cauliflower recipes, you’ll also love these coconut cauliflower bites and buffalo cauli-wings, which make a great alternative game-day recipe!

vegan enchilada recipe
Sweet Potato Enchiladas - Rooty Fruity Vegan

If you have a large family to feed, these vegan enchiladas are sure to impress anyone, even the meat-eaters! Make sure you have plenty of big baking dishes for these veggie enchiladas because your family and friends will be going back for second helpings!

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vegan lentil meatloaf recipe
Plant Based Lentil Meatloaf - Rooty Fruity Vegan

A veggie meatloaf makes a great entree for a plant based holiday meal. This vegan meat loaf is loaded with flavor, moist, and so satisfying! If you haven’t tried a meatless meatloaf, you need to do yourself a favor and give it a try. You’ll need a loaf pan and a food processor for this recipe. If you have extra lentils leftover, they are perfect for a quick vegan bolognese or vegan taco meat.

vegan stuffed shells recipe
Tofu Ricotta & Squash Stuffed Shells - Rooty Fruity Vegan

These vegan stuffed pasta shells are a great recipe to bring to a family gathering or use as a main Christmas main dish. They are easy to make, but look fancy and can feed quite a few people. The tofu vegan ricotta cheese is creamy and pairs perfectly with the savory marinara and sweet squash. For this recipe, you will need jumbo pasta shells (these ones are gluten free) and a baking dish.

vegan pumpkin recipes
Vegan Pumpkin Mac & Cheese - Rooty Fruity Vegan

If you’re looking for a last minute, super quick, vegan recipe for a Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving gathering, you’ll be surprised by this vegan pumpkin mac and cheese! This dish can be a main or a side dish for your vegan holiday meal and it only takes 20 minutes to make, is so so creamy, and has just the right amount of savory pumpkin flavor. I make it with canned pumpkin for a super quick recipe, but you can also get fancy and puree your own pumpkin if you wish. The key to the perfect creamy pumpkin cheese sauce is the raw cashews, miso, and nutritional yeast

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Vegan Carne Asada Tacos - Rooty Fruity Vegan

Tacos are always a good idea for a vegan holiday recipe. Mexican food is so easy to veganize and easy to make large amounts to share with friends and family. Plus, they are customizable so everyone can choose their own toppings and spice level. This vegan carne asada recipe is made with marinated soy curls and is so similar to a meaty version! If you’re going for a whole foods plant based holiday meal, then you can easily make this recipe with mushrooms instead, like portobello, oyster, and/or shiitake. 

A large baking dish with a lid is super helpful for this holiday recipe and makes a perfect way to transport the vegan carne asada taco filling too. 

Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon
Mushroom Bourguignon - Rooty Fruity Vegan

This Mushroom Bourguignon (Mushroom Stew) is one of my favorite vegan recipes to make for a holiday dinner. It is a low maintenance recipe that is so hearty and warming and absolutely delicious served over a bed of creamy dairy-free mashed potatoes. Plus this plant based recipe is healthy because it is low fat, high fiber, gluten free, and loaded with veggies. 

The Rooted Cookbook has all my best vegan recipes in one place! Burgers, sandwiches, summer rolls, tacos, pastas, snacks, desserts, dressings, and more! All vegan, all delicious! 

Rooty Fruity Vegan Cookbook Rooted Cover
Vegan Stuffed Squash Recipe
Stuffed Butternut Squash - Rooty Fruity Vegan

Want to know what to do with a squash? Not sure how to roast a squash? This stuffed squash recipe will show you how easy it is to make roasted squash and take it one step further and stuff it with a mouthwatering vegan sausage rice pilaf. This vegan recipe is great for a small family holiday meal that is plant based, gluten free, hearty, and so delicious that you won’t just save it for a festive dinner recipe. 

If you love this squash recipe idea, check out these Squash Quesadillas and Squash Tacos

Stuffed Potato Cakes with Easy Vegan Gravy - Rooty Fruity Vegan

These stuffed potato cakes are fun to make and even more fun to eat. This vegan potato recipe is a great alternative to traditional mashed potatoes at a holiday feast. While they require some time to make, they are well worth the effort. But if you’d rather go the traditional mashed potatoes and gravy route, you’ll love this 5-minute vegan gravy anyways. Either way, you’ll want a cute gravy boat for serving! 

vegan fajita recipe chickpeas
One-pan Chickpea Fajitas - Rooty Fruity Vegan

I am aware that this is the third vegan Mexican recipe in this list of holiday meal ideas. But I think tacos are the new turkey dinner! This one-pan veggie fajita recipe is just so incredible that you will want to share with family and friends. Plus, it is the easiest to make, with minimal dishes left at the end, so you can spend more time connecting with friends and family during the holidays. All you need is a couple of baking pans and silicone mats. Give your guests a few hot sauce choices with these tasty hot sauces.

Get 24 more marvelous vegan holiday feast recipes to impress any omnivore or herbivore this season! 

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