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I’m Crissie and Rooty Fruity Vegan is where I get to share my passion for delicious vegan food and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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vegan lasagna recipe

I created this recipe website to help others realize that vegan food can be simple, healthy, and AMAZING. 

I create recipe posts, videos, and eCookbooks for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a plant based eater or not, I’m sure you’ll find a vegan recipe here to love!

My Recipes

Always vegan. Always pretty darn healthy. Usually oil-free and low sodium. Never too complicated. Just simple delicious food. 

I became vegan in 2014 for many reasons. I found a plant based lifestyle mainly because I had high blood pressure and did not want to take meds at only 23 years old. That is why most of these recipes are mostly oil-free, low sodium, and made with whole plant foods. 


almond crusted lemon pepper tofu
Crispy Lemon Pepper Tofu
fudgy vegan brownies
Fudgy Vegan Brownies

I dove deeper into veganism because I seriously love animals and want to help save the planet. Following a plant based lifestyle has lowered my blood pressure and has given me something to be honestly passionate about and I am eternally grateful! 

You can expect to see all types of recipes – smoothies, desserts, salads, burgers, breakfasts, entrees, sides, etc. 

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